Finger Cymbal Drilll for Rock-Solid Rhythmic Playing



I used to believe that fancier was better.

For just about everything… Jewelry, clothing, food, dance, finger cymbals, etc. I thought that fancier and more complex equaled better and more interesting. I would sometimes play my zills like one of those overzealous electric guitarists who just wants to show you how fast they can go, but lose all the feeling and soul in the process. (You know the kind I mean?)

But let me tell you… Over the years I have learned that there is so much more nuance and interest to the art of finger cymbals than “fancy” captures. And I’ve also learned to really appreciate simple, clean and musical playing.

And it all starts with a solid foundation.

It all begins with being able to really feel the steady pulse of the beat, create simple patterns inside that beat, and of course… move your body to the music.

Let’s do that together right now with this drill for rock solid rhythmic playing!

In all honesty, the only thing you can really do “wrong” when you’re playing the finger cymbals is not play in time with the music. So let’s be sure that you’ve got that steady pulse going and your simple and beautiful zill work fits right inside the beat.

Once you’ve finished, be sure to take a video of your practice and tag me on social media at @sahirabellydances so I can cheer you on!


Start your finger cymbal journey with the rock-solid foundation you need in this free finger cymbal course! Get it here:



Finger cymbals played in this tutorial are Saroyan Mastercraft’s King Tuts in Brass. Get your own set at


Special thanks for the fabulous Miss Thea for the music used in this video. Support her on Bandcamp here:

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