Intermediate Belly Dance Technique and Combination Tutorial


Hey there fabulous dancer, are you ready to tear it up on the dance floor?

Then you are in the right place!

In this video I am taking you through several different intermediate belly dance techniques and movements to help you build a fun and challenging combination that will have you dancing around like a pro in no time!

This intermediate-level combination uses all these delicious movements –
(Get a more details breakdown of most of them on my channel at the links below:)

Horizontal Hip Circles
Inner Hip Rolls 
Unweighted Drop/Release 
Single Hip Ommi

I will walk you through each movement step-by-step and then show you how to put them all together to create a seriously delicious combination right now!


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Zill Hero Interview – Miryam Yen


Learning a new skill is one thing. Developing your own unique style with that skill is quite another.

Once you’ve gotten some finger cymbal basics down and you begin to play with a bit of confidence and ease, it’s incredibly exciting to start to develop a style that is all your own.

This style comes not only with time, but with a melding together of a variety of experiences that are unique to your journey.


I’ve watched thousands of dancers play finger cymbals. When I saw this performer for the first time, I just knew I had to ask her how she created her amazing style that was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Miryam Yen is a dancer and cymbalist from China – a country with relatively little finger cymbal scene, yet she has taken the art form to the next level.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with her about how she’s developed her incredibly unique and fascinating finger cymbal style.

In this conversation she also discusses the important elements that every finger cymbal player should include in their practice and shares with us how she helps encourage others zill players to find their unique voice in the art form.


Join me for this eye-opening conversation and find new inspiration in your zill playing!

Connect with Miryam online to be inspired by her unique zill style.

Performance Video | Dar y Dar – Spanish Skirt Fusion



I am so excited to share with you this performance video from my amazing students!


This choreography is β€œDar y Dar – Spanish Skirt Passion” created by myself and the incredible Silvia Salamanca. It is performed here by my beautiful students, The Shimmy Sisterhood, at the Crimson Vagabond 2022.



PS. If you love the choreography, you can totally learn it with me online! Grab your skirt and to get the full course.


Music is “Dar y Dar” by the amazing Mango Punch from Houston, Texas.




Top 10 moves that every belly dancer should know | The Triplet Shimmy


Welcome to another video in my “Top 10 Moves That Every Belly Dancer Should Know” series.
The Triplet Shimmy is a quintessential belly dance move, but it is often broken down in a way that makes it confusing for dancers to work with them when they speed it up.
In this video I will give you a clear step-by-step breakdown that will help you dance this movement with confidence and grace.
This is such a high-energy move and one of the best shimmies for traveling. So tie on your hip scarf and let’s dance!

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Learn a snaky intermediate belly dance combo with finger cymbals! πŸ“€πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ“€


Hey there zillstar!

In this intermediate-level tutorial I am going to show you a seriously snaky belly dance combination and then teach you how to make it even better….with finger cymbals!
Many dancers shy away from the finger cymbals because they aren’t sure how to play them cleanly, what to play or when to play them.
Don’t be a zill wall-flower!
Join me as I teach you step-by-step a simple, yet interesting zill pattern that we will then add to a slow and snaky belly dance combination.
Tie on your hip scarf, grab your finger cymbals and let’s dance!
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Fabulous Finger Cymbal Basics Sneak Peek!


Well hello there zillstar!


Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek into one of my most popular online courses – “Fabulous Finger Cymbal Basics”. The step-by-step course you need to learn to play the finger cymbals and dance with confidence and joy!


In this video, you will learn how to play the Masmoudi – a fabulous and versatile rhythm – so you can add it to your finger cymbal practice today!


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This revolutionary course includes step-by-step technique, drills and riffs, a course workbook, downloadable audio practice files, a practice music playlist, a fabulous combination with finger cymbals and more to help you become the zillstar you are meant to be.


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Happy zilling!

Emergency Costume Closet Clean Out!

It’s gotten out of hand.
The small walk-in closet that I’ve been using to store my costumes is about to burst! Something has to be done.
Not only does it store the costumes I use for my shows on a weekly basis, but it also contains my stash of Renaissance Festival costumes, historic Urban Hipsy tribal costumes and troupe costumes for groups of dancers needing: Saidi dresses, Assuit thobes, Malaya dresses, Bollywood costumes, Hula costumes, Tahitian costumes, Persian Folklore dresses and more. (Not to mention that my formal gowns, sewing machines and my daughter’s dresses live in this closet too!)
I’ve been avoiding this task for months… but finally it just had to be done.
So join me to see the before (don’t judge me!), and I will talk you through how I Marie Condo’d the darn thing, show you what all came out of the closet (OMG!) and show you how I reorganized it into a place that I literally want to live inside of.
If you are a dancer needing a bit of costume organization in your life, you are going to LOVE this video.
So join me for this tour of my costume closet before and after!
Extra special thanks to Miss Thea for the music used in this video. You can support her on BandCamp at

Learn a new belly dance choreography in just 5 weeks! Registration open now.



Find confidence, balance and grace while learning a beautiful folkloric choreography in just 5 weeks!


Whether you are:

❃ new to prop-balancing and wanting to learn to do it the right way the first time

❃ an experienced belly dance student who is just a little intimidated by the prop balancing, but ready to conquer your fear


❃ an intermediate dancer looking to add a folksy new choreography to your repertoire

…this course is for you!


By the end of this course you will:

βœ“ Gain massive confidence and understanding of what it takes to confidently balance a pot on your head while you belly dance

βœ“ Have over a dozen folkloric dance techniques and movements solidly under your hip belt

βœ“ Be a part of an incredible community of fabulous people dancing alongside you in the virtual world

βœ“ Be ready to perform a brand new 5-minute folkloric choreography that you can call your own


And because belly dance is for EVERY BODY, this choreography is taught with options for every skill level and ability.


Find a little creative balance in your life while learning a beautiful dance!


Registration is open through February 9th. 


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3 Tips for Better Belly Dance Prop Balancing

Balancing a prop on your head while you are belly dancing can cause panic in even the most experienced dancer.
In this video I am going to share with you three game-changing tips I have learned after over two decades of belly dancing while balancing a variety of interesting things on my head.
So dive in to this special tutorial with me! You can use a sword, pot, cane, candle tray, shamadan or even a heavy book to dance along with me and learn what you need to know to become a master belly dance prop balancer!
Now that you know how to balance a prop on your head, you are ready to learn a beautiful choreography utilizing your new-found skills.
Join me for a folkloric fusion choreography intensive – The “Abdelqader Djilani Pot Dance Choreography Intensive” and learn a fabulous new balancing choreography in just five weeks!
Registration closes on February 9th.

Master the Belly Dance Balancing Act in this FREE MASTERCLASS

Are you ready to master the belly dance balancing act?
In this free masterclass you will learn some of the best insider tips and tricks to belly dancing confidently with a prop balanced on your head.
I will show you step by step the β€œdos” and β€œdon’ts” that can make or break your prop balancing performance and even share with you a combination from an original choreography that will let you utilize all your new-found balancing knowledge.
I have spent the last two decades putting together a stellar toolkit of tips, tricks, techniques and concepts that help ALL my students balance and dance with ease!
Now I am going to share these ideas with YOU in a jam-packed masterclass designed to give you the prop balancing confidence you need while teaching you an awesome dance combination that you are gonna love.
And I’m offering it to you for FREE – but it’s a limited time thing.
Sign up now for The Belly Dance Balancing Act and get
βœ“ game-changing tips and tricks for prop balancing
βœ“ belly dance technique step-by-step breakdown
βœ“ a greater sense of confidence and grace
βœ“ a brand-new dance combination!
This interactive Zoom class is designed for dancers with some basic belly dance experience – but I will break down all the technique you need to follow along and learn an awesome belly dance balancing combination you can take home and call your own.
So join me for this limited time workshop and get ready to master the balancing act.


Three dates to choose from:

Tuesday, January 31st @ 7:30pm central

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See you on the dance floor!