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What people are saying?

Isabel; Houston, TX

I had no idea that exercise could be so much fun! I started classes with Sahira about 3 months ago, and after the first class I woke up still smiling and so sore! Wow... I didn't realize how much of a great workout belly dance could be, and how much fun I could have doing it. Thanks for an awesome experience. Can't wait for next week!

Clarissa; Houston, TX

Your classes help me a lot. In the past three years since I've started this wonderful belly dance journey, I have felt a bit lost and confused. All of my teachers and classes have been wonderful, I just have been unclear as to where I want to go with all of this. And your classes truly help me with my new found clarity. So thank you for your help and your homework...it truly challenges me to think and learn about this dance.

Heather Stants (Urban Tribal)- San Diego, California

Your DVDs are really well done. Your teaching style is very clear, concise and easy to follow. I really appreciate your giving credit to my company. It should do well - people are hungry for tribal dvds.

Paula, Nova Scotia

Your kind way of teaching made learning fun and not stressful.You are an amazing dancer yet your spirit is humble and generous. I hope we will meet again to dance one day. I have not stopped talking about you and your workshop since I got home!


From one artist to another: Bravo! Keep up the good work, I am really impressed at not only the depth of your artistry, but also the breadth. If all the other entertainers in the world went missing, it would be enough to have just you, Sahira. You can enthrall and bedazzle the audience with the variety of your talent and repertoire: dancing, singing, playing instruments. I wish you warm regards and, of course, continued and meaningful success. Thanks for standing up for culture!

Evelyn, Alaska

I think you are an excellent, great dancer and I really enjoy your videos and tutorials. I think you are an excellent instructor, one of the best! You are precise, detailed and patient with providing the breakdown and with repetitions that allows beginners like myself the best way to learn this beautiful art form of Bellydance.


You're just the Best! You always infect others with your positive thoughts and Can do it approach, bringing smiles and happy thoughts to everyone. Thank you for being you!

Corinna, Texas

I recently started learning some of Sahira’s Urban Gypsy Tribal dance moves and immediately I fell in love. I found out there is something very special about doing the moves in sync with my sisters. There is a connection that is created when dancing this dance together and it is very empowering. It’s also a great way to get more zill playing in my dance, so I’m really excited to continue learning more and dancing!