OMG… I’ve been SHUT DOWN!?


I’m angry and I’m not sure what else to do… so I’m giving you the dirty details behind this frustrating situation I find myself in.


After 12 years of sharing my love of the dance with you and building a following and a library of instructional performance videos online… I have been shut down. I received one email, and one pop up when I logged in to post on Instagram earlier this month. One chance to verify my account (which I promptly responded to) and then they shut me down. And that was it.


So I’m dishing the dirt on what happened.



Here’s the “Too Long Didn’t Watch” synopsis. Through no choice of my own I have a new Instagram account. ​Would you please follow me there? ​



(And if you happen to know of a way to get my old account back, I’m all ears!)


Thanks for listening.

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