Free Saidi Style Masterclass Enrolling Now!


Are you ready to elevate your dance and deepen your understanding of Arabic folklore?

Come and embrace the folklore with this Saidi Style Masterclass!

The Saidi rhythm and dance infuses energy into countless belly dance compositions and performances and is a crucial element for every belly dancer to study.

In this free Masterclass you will learn the foundations of this earthy and powerful style including rhythm identification, dance steps and cane basics. You will also discover how to avoid the most common stylistic pitfalls and dance more authentically. Finally, you’ll put your new-found knowledge into a fabulous energetic combination that is perfect for your practice or the stage.

Ready to make Saidi style folk dance an unforgettable part of your dance repertoire? This masterclass is available for a short time only!

Join me at I’ll see you on the dance floor soon.

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