Sahira performs with the National Arab Orchestra at Go Live 2023


This opportunity would usually fall into the “once in a lifetime” category for sure…

Except that this is the SECOND time that I’ve had the immense honor of performing with the National Arab Orchestra. (I’m such a lucky girl!)

The first performance happened at a concert in Houston in 2022. (Want to see that one? You can find it here.)


This incredible second opportunity was given to me when I taught at an incredible festival event in San Antonio – Go Live, hosted by Karen Barbee and Michael Ibrahim.

A three-day even unlike any other, Go Live gives dancers from around the world the opportunity to learn how to dance to live music while actually dancing to live music with some of the best ensembles for Arab music in the US. (I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.)

Performers were purposefully NOT given the opportunity to practice with the ensemble before getting on stage… because the in-the-moment improvisation is a big part of what this artful is all about.

This performance just flew by for me. I would have loved to have spent so much more time up there on stage with these incredible musicians. You can almost see the disappointment on my face when the music ends.


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