Sahira teaches workshops locally in Houston as well as around the world. Her innovative style and precise and thorough teaching skills have drawn her to dancers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Experience Sahira yourself and sponsor a workshop near you!

Workshop & Performance in Taiwan


Join these two leading experts as they share some of their most innovative and enjoyable zill expertise in an Electrifying Zill Workshop, followed by Tea Party, plus Performance Showcase!! 
ANSUYA 12:30-2pm EDT 
“Veil Dancing with Zills”
Take your zill work and veil work to the next level by executing them at the same time!! Learn a mini- choreography that you can use to dazzle audiences! 
BREAK 2pm-2:15pm EDT  
SAHIRA 2:15pm -4pm  EDT
“Build Your Sound Repertoire”
Move beyond the basic ring and clack into a wonderful world of ticks, tocks, rishes, frills, double handed tricks and more! Culminates in a spicy cymbal riff using multiple sounds paired with Bellydance movements! AND learn to play acapella so that you can dance to your very own music – made by YOU on your very own zills! 
TEA PARTY 4pm-4:30pm EDT 
A chance to socialize with fellow students and get to know Ansuya and Sahira better! 
Workshop attendees have the option to perform in the showcase! This is Ansuya’s private “Goddess Circle Showcase” in which students of multiple levels are welcomed to practice performing on Zoom, try new works, and/ or keep up performance skills from home! Only VIP are invited, including Ansuya and Sahira’s active student bases, as well as workshop attendees, and the family and friends of the performers. No general public will be admitted as we want to maintain a safe and supportive environment in which artists of multiple levels can challenge themselves! Don’t miss attending or participating in this showcase as it will feature performances by Zill Master Ansuya and our very special guest artist, Zillicious Zill-Star Sahira!
Ansuya is a writer, actress, yogi, nutritionist and second-generation American Cabaret Style Bellydancer! Zill playing has always gone hand in hand with Bellydancing for her! She has showcased her zill work along side master musicians for decades, has multiple zill DVD’s on the market, has weekly Zill Zooms, and has created a powerful Zill Master certification program in which she helps students attain mastery quickly with her fun and efficient training formula! To find out more about legendary Superstar of Cabaret and Fusion Bellydance, Ansuya, check out where she also offers hundreds of videos covering every style and aspect of Bellydancing to thousands of students around the world – whom she met during her 20 year touring career! 
Sahira is a lifelong performer and has studied music, drama and dance since the age of two. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to the art of belly dance and her favorite thing in the world is to share the dance with others. She has trained in both Egyptian and Tribal style belly dance as well as Modern and West African and loves to incorporate all of these influences in her art. Sahira is a lifelong musician and head over heels crazy about the zills! Sahira’s online classroom at has allowed Sahira to collect her 20 years of experience in technique, choreography, zills and more into a convenient library of educational videos. The online studio has quickly become a gathering place for dancers around the globe to learn and share this amazing art form. Check out more about all Sahria offers at:
Ansuya and Sahira’s smiles met first! The warmth they share for their art form, their students, and their mutual love of zills, makes this team up full of sensational chemistry that will transfer through the screen, into your heart, and out to your finger tips to electrify your zill playing! Register fast as space is limited and you don’t want to miss training with these two experts at once and seeing them perform in the same show!!
$120/ VIP Rate: $100 (includes Ansuya and Sahira’s active student bases) 
Send to: (include your email and note: Zill Event)
Showcase is FREE to attend! 
Registration includes access to Ansuya’s “Zill Reviews” Facebook Group, Sahira’s “Zillicious” Facebook Group, post event zoom recordings, and free trial zoom class passes to both Ansuya and Sahira’s weekly Zill Zoom classes! 



3rd Coast Tribal
Taiwan Tribal Festival
Germany Castle Ehrenburg
Britian Belly Dance Congress
Canada – Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia
Tasmania, Australia
Bali Isle Sahira Weeklong Intensive
Merida, Mexico
Events in the US – Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, North Carlina and more!