Sahira Belly Dance Class & Combination #1 | Hip Slides, Twists, 8s and Jewels

Since back to school is in the air, I thought I would deliver a little school to your inbox today (of the belly dance variety, of course!)

As we celebrate the season of learning, I’d love to share with you a 30-minute mini-class to get you dancing! Perfect for beginner dancers or anyone wanting to drill the basics, this class will take you from warm up, to technique, to drills and will even build a fun little combination to dance to at the end!

Check it out, dancing along, and mark “belly dance practice” off your to-do list for today!


Technique used in this class:

Hip Slide :

Hip Twist :

Figure 8:



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Special thanks to the following artists for allowing me to use their incredible music!


David Macjeka:

Lauren Checchio:

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