Learn this little jewel to add sparkle and beauty to your belly dance movements!

Sometimes the most powerful things are not those that are larger than life, but the tiny little details that make something incredibly special.

While I may be blown away from time to time by a performance that was off-the-charts with the latest and greatest technique, I find more often than not it’s the little thoughtful details that make a dance impactful.

Today’s move is one that falls into that “small but mighty” category.

I’m talking about The Jewel – a movement that rarely stands on its own, but is more often seen as a tag on the end of another movement… a beautiful little bling that adds just the texture and finesse that you’re looking for.

The Jewel comes in many variations and flavors – today we are going to take it down to the basics to give you a solid foundation to build upon in your dance.

Let’s get blingy and play with The Jewel!


Ready to take this movement to the next level. This video is a tiny gem from the newly revamped “Beginner Belly Dance Technique Toolkit”, an 8-week course designed to give you the solid foundation you need to really take off and explore this beautiful dance form. Whether you are brand new to the dance or a dance veteran wanting to hone the ever-important basics, I invite you to join me for the journey!



Special thanks to Bahaia and Samer Issa for the music in this video. Learn more about Bahaia and pick up this amazing album – “Ya Bahaia vol. 2” – at AustinBellyDance.com

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