Learn a dynamic fan veil choreography with me live!

Are you a dancer who loves the idea of performing exciting and engaging dances with a beautiful belly dance prop?

Do you sometimes struggle with what to do with your arms within the dance and are looking for a way to strengthen your arm movements and expand the creativity of their pathways?

Are you ready to dive into a unique online hybrid learning experience that combines the best of on-demand video learning with the personal touch of live online classes to ensure you get what you need to succeed?

Join me for this “Fabulous Fan Veil” 5-week choreography intensive to get all of that and more as we flutter, flourish and turn through a beautiful and exciting fan veil choreography that is a spell-binding addition to any dancer’s repertoire.


This online real-time format is designed with the “flipped classroom” methodology being used in many top universities and institutes of learning. Within the course I will be offering the recorded content at the beginning of each week for you to work through and review as many times as you would like. At the end of each the week we will have a 45 minute live class on Zoom to work through questions and dance the material together. (Time to be decided based on all student’s availability).

The online real-time format also not only ensures that you will take the time to access and actually use the course you’ve purchased but it will also give you the opportunity to dive deeper with me by your side as you learn.

The end result? A new choreography that you’ve actually learned in just five weeks!

A fabulous dance adventure awaits you! Join today and begin your journey towards an exciting and joy filled dance life now!

I cannot wait to share the dance floor with you.


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