Zill Hero Interview | Lauren Checchio

I adore everything about the finger cymbals. The myriad sounds they make, the infinite variety of styles, the shine of a brand new pair, learning a new riff on them, playing around with them, collecting them… I honestly could go on forever.


This obsession was not born overnight. I’ve been working with the finger cymbals for two decades and there are definitely a few incredible dancers and musicians that have inspired me to continually pick up these babies and keep working with them.


Lauren Checchio is one of those inspirations.


Today I would like for you to meet her! Lauren and I sat down together last week to chat about her background in music, rhythm and dance and then we geeked out a bit about zills. I learned why at a young age she was totally traumatized by and completely hated the zills and how she was able to turn this around and become the rock star ziller she is today. I also learned all about the method she’s developed to teach zills and drums using the same language – effectively allowing you to pick up just about any hand percussion instrument and understand how to belly dance rhythms on them. (Seriously!)


I think you are really going to enjoy this interview… be warned – it gets fairly ridiculous. I’ve known Lauren a long time now and we laugh a lot when we are together.


If you are interested in the online class she is giving next month, you can register here. https://py.pl/1VYYsS Please tell her I sent you! I would love to see you there!



Learn more about Lauren at https://www.facebook.com/lauren.checchio



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