Join me and learn more than a dozen sensational shimmies!


This shimmy is a quintessential movement in belly dance and there are many shimmies every serious belly dancer should know.

While the shimmy is incredibly important to the dance, it is not necessarily an easy movement to accomplish. In fact, many dancers (including myself!) struggle to make the basic shimmy technique work.

I want you to know that you are not alone!

In this course I will take you through several shimmy tips and tricks that will help even the most timid shimmier gain confidence and strength in their technique. Oftentimes what is missing is just a few insightful ideas about how the muscles and joints work together to create the shimmy, tips on how to relax into the movement and someone to cheer you on as you practice!

This course will also dive deep into Shimmies of all kinds including:

Knee Shimmy

Hip Shimmy

Triplet Shimmy ( 8 different kinds!)

Three-quarter shimmy

Moroccan Shimmy

African Shimmy

Twisting Shimmy

Choo Choo Shimmy

Hagallah Shimmy, and more!

So dancers…start your engines, tie on your hip scarves, and join me for a shimmy marathon! Registration opens August 18th and closes on August 24 – so don’t delay! Don’t pay full price for this course! Join my mailing list for a special members-only discount.

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