Fabulous Fan Veils – Belly Dance Technique and Combination

Get ready to fly away with a beautiful fan veil combination!

Many dancers struggle with finding ways to creatively use their fan veils through an entire choreography (not to mention arm fatigue!)

In today’s video you will learn a beautiful fan veil combination from technique to finish, as well as gain an insight on how you can dance with this beautiful prop while keeping it closed, giving you the option for a dramatic opening moment later in your choreography.

We will explore gorgeous arm pathways and graceful ways you can dance WITH your fan veil, making it a beautiful extension of your body as you move.


Are you a dancer who loves the idea of performing exciting and engaging dances with a beautiful belly dance prop?

Do you sometimes struggle with what to do with your arms within the dance and are looking for a way to strengthen your arm movements and expand the creativity of their pathways?

Are you ready to dive into a unique online hybrid learning experience that combines the best of on-demand video learning with the personal touch of live online classes to ensure you get what you need to succeed?

Join me for this “Fabulous Fan Veil” 5-week choreography intensive to get all of that and more as we flutter, flourish and turn through a beautiful and exciting fan veil choreography that is a spell-binding addition to any dancer’s repertoire.

Registration is open until April 12th: SahiraBellyDances.com/FanVeil

Get your special insiders club discount here: SahiraBellyDances.com/Discount

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