These three simple tips will revolutionize your shimmy!

Are your shimmies not quite where you want them to be?

Are you frustrated by weak or inconsistent shimmies?

Are you ready to change that?

For the first 12 or so years of my belly dance career I was not very good at – maybe even terrible at – shimmies.

Seriously. 😕

I felt like a total belly dance poser.

Shimmies are a quintessential part of the belly dance movement vocabulary. How could I possibly claim to be a belly dancer and not be able to shimmy?

About 8 years ago all that changed. At that time I figured out three key ideas that helped me bring my shimmy from lame to totally satisfying. And now I want to help you do the same.

Are you ready to take your shimmies from perhaps weak and inconsistent to sensationally confident?

These three simple tips made a HUGE difference for my shimmies, and they can do so for you too!

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Thank you to the amazing Istanpitta for the use of their music.

#30toThrive with Sahira [Episode 11] – The Power of Music and a Belly Roll Lesson

In this time of required social distancing, we need our online communities more than ever!

That’s why I’m joining you live to connect, share stories of inspiration and explore concrete ways to find grounding, meaning and even joy in these strange times.

Today we explore: The power that music has to change our emotional state

Music has been proven time and again to be able to influence our feelings and our mood. Today we will talk a bit about why this happens and explore how we can use this to positively affect our lives.

And then, because moving our bodies every day is so very important, we will end with a dance lesson to help you move our way into a place of joy! The belly roll lesson begins at 16:00.

**Recorded Live on Facebook on May 30, 2020

Belly Dance Lessons with Sahira – The Twisting Shimmy

The shimmy is one of belly dance’s most quintessential movements. There are literally dozens of beautiful shimmies in the belly dance vocabulary and a well-trained dancer will learn to perform and utilize many of them.

In this video we will take a close look at the twisting shimmy, how to create it cleanly and accurately and drill it to create muscle memory and strength.

Like it, love it, want more of it?

Learn more than a dozen different shimmies with Sahira online!

**** Special thanks to David Macejka for the use of his fabulous music!

A conversation on race in the Belly Dance world | Patrice D’Evans

For many years I believed that the belly dance community was a shining example of openness and inclusion.

In the wake of the racist tensions rocking the US and beyond many dancers have spoken out to the contrary and I’ve found myself having to question those previously held beliefs.

So I’m reaching out – to organizations at the forefront of this struggle to offer support, to people of color to hear their voices and their experiences, and to friends and fellow dancers to be able to openly and thoughtfully communicate in a non-judgemental manner in order to find the next steps in the anti-racism journey we need to make together.

This is a recording of one of those conversations.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to speak with the amazing Patrice D’Evans – an actress, belly dancer and minister who was called to the dance and has made a niche for herself by combining her talents. It’s an open and honest discussion of one African-American woman’s experience in the belly dance world – what is working, what is not, and how we can move forward together towards a more just, equal and racially-diverse future.

You can learn more about Patrice on her various platforms:

YouTube:  @Patrice D’Evans 




I hope you will listen to this with an open heart and mind and use it to inspire conversations and action in your community and to help right the many years of wrong that have been happening on our watch.

Let’s keep the conversation going and include every voice.

Add your thoughts below. (Racist or inflammatory remarks will be deleted. Please respect one another in civil discourse.)

Thank you for being a part of the movement.

#blacklivesmatter #raceandbellydance

Sahira Presents a new course for online movement instructors – “Consciously Creating Community”

No matter what kind of movement class you teach, community is one of the biggest reasons students come back week after week.

As we move into the world of online digital classes, how can we possibly find ways to create and nurture that community when are students are spread out all over the world?

Welcome to, Consciously Creating Community, my newest online course designed to help you do just that.

In this course I will share with you the community building projects I’ve used over the last decade to build a student community that extends beyond the walls of the virtual classroom.

Here you will find different ways to create community for your online classes so you can take your students beyond movement, exercise, dance or wellness and create a haven where students will continue to gather week after week to nature body, mind and spirit.

Join me for this special course and help take your online classroom experience to the next level today!


Teaching Successful Online Movement Classes – Music Licensing, Insurance, Waivers and Pricing

I’m excited to announce the release of the next module in my online masterclass – “Designing Your Ideal Online Classroom” – a 7-part course aimed to get you confidently and successfully running your online studio business.

This course – “The Nitty Gritty”- gives you the basics of music licensing, liability insurance, waivers as well as pricing considerations for the online realm. These legal details, while certainly not the funnest part of your job, are an incredibly important part of your business setup and imperative to ensuring the longevity of your work and protection of your students, yourself, and the business you have worked so hard to build.

Whether you are just embarking on the exciting journey of taking your love of dance, yoga or fitness to the online teaching world or have been teaching for some time but haven’t stopped to consider these important legal details, I’m here to share with you the information you need to get your business setup the right way now to ensure your success in the future.

Join me today and set yourself and your online movement business up for success!

Zill Review with Sahira Belly Dances – Saroyan Tutankhamun in Brass

I have a lot of zills.

I mean, A LOT.

It’s an obsession that perhaps borders on an addiction, but we can debate that at another time.

Today, let my obsession benefit you as I share what I love about my Saroyan Tutankhamun finger cymbals in brass.

I’ll give you the ins and out of this pair of finger cymbals as well as weigh in on whether or not they might be just the ones you are looking for.

And then I’ll jam out with them for just a moment (because I couldn’t resist.)

Like what you hear? Get you very own pair here:


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Happy Zilling!

#30toThrive with Sahira [Episode 10] – Why we focus on the negative and a zill drill

In this time of required social distancing, we need our online communities more than ever!

That’s why I’m joining you live weekly to connect, share stories of inspiration and explore concrete ways to find grounding, meaning and even joy in these strange times.

Today we explore: Why we focus on the negative and understanding our brains to move past this.

If you are like many people, your brain tends to look for the negative in life and latches on. Today we will talk a bit about why this happens and explore how to move forward and away from the negative in positive and productive ways.

And then, because moving our bodies every day is so very important, we will end with a dance lesson to help you move our way into a place of joy! The zill drill begins at 18:00.

**Recorded Live on Instagram on May 26, 2020

About the Hybrid Real Time Intensive Format


Are you tired of spending money on an online class just to have it slip to the back burner when life gets busy?

Are you done making investments that you don’t have the incentive to complete?

Do you enjoy the online course format but miss the personal interaction and ability to ask questions as you work through the material?

Me too! And I’ve designed this new online intensive to address all of these issues.

This online real-time format is designed with the “flipped classroom” methodology being used in many top universities and institutes of learning. Within the course I will be offering the recorded content at the beginning of each week for you to work through and review as many times as you would like. At the end of each the week we will have a 30-45 minute live class on Zoom to work through questions and dance the material together.

The online real-time format also not only ensures that you will take the time to access and actually use the course you’ve purchased but it will also give you the opportunity to dive deeper with me by your side as you learn.

The end result? An online course that you’ve actually used and done on time!

Week one will be open to you upon registration. You will have one week to work through the material as many times as you’d like before we meet for class at the end of the week. Week one will then be removed and week two will come online. At the end of the second week we will meet for review and questions, then week two will be taken off-line and week three will be released. One week after week three is released, we will meet for class and questions and then week 3 will be taken down and week four will become available. (See the pattern?)

If you are anything like me, having a deadline keeps you on task and moving! Using this format you will have the incentive each week to work through the material, since it won’t be around forever. The hybrid recorded/live flipped classroom system will give you the opportunity to take your time working through the combinations so you can ask the specific questions you need to succeed when we meet live.

I would love to have you join me for this special online hybrid intensive course! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!


What is Acapella Belly Dance???

If you are a dancer who has ever learned a choreography, or a dance teacher who has ever wanted to be sure your students really (I mean REALLY) know a choreography, then you will understand exactly what is happening in this video.

Enjoy! (But don’t be too judgmental…we are dancers – not singers – after all!)


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