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How many different ways can you play the Gallop?

One of the most beloved of all belly dance zill patterns, the Gallop gets a lot of playtime. But what I want to know right now is – how many different ways can you play it?

If you want to really up your zill game and be able to master more rapid and complex patterns, having dexterity in BOTH hands is really key. Learning to play your favorite patterns in more than one manner will free up your hands to play and your head to focus on other things while you are doing it.

In this video you will learn how to play and drill this simple pattern in the following 5 ways:

Right hand lead

Left hand lead

Continuously alternating

Cross-handed right lead

Cross-handed left lead

Say what?!?

If this doesn’t make sense don’t panic! Just dive into the video to get the basic scoop.

To really dive deep and get the complete breakdown as well as pro tips and tricks to make this pattern sound smooth and clean, check out the full class at

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