Zill Hero Interview | Baksana Ensemble


Welcome to another installment in my “Zill Heroes” Series!

This month I am interviewing the amazing women of Baksana Ensemble from Portland, Oregon. This incredible group caught my eye online a few years ago with this mad zill skills and incredible “Finger Cymbal February” challenge on Instagram. I started following them and finally had the chance to connect and take a class with them at JamBallah Northwest in 2019. I am a total fan!

So today I would like to share a conversation I had with these zillstars.

We talked about how each of them came to their finger cymbal practice (spoiler alert – almost none of them were complete fans of the instrument in the beginning!), the formation of Baksana and how their zill style has evolved over time.

We also take a moment to explore a bit about their amazing zill notation book that was released a few years ago and will give you the inside scoop on Finger Cymbal February and how YOU can get involved.

I can’t wait to share this conversation with you.

Be sure to check out their performance that starts around 43:00 to see exactly how amazing their zilliciousnes is!

Check it out here, and then follow Baksana at the links below. I will be there every day for the February Finger Cymbal Awareness Month challenge. I hope to see you too!

Learn more about and follow Baksana here:



instagram @baksanaensemble (follow for Finger Cymbal Awareness Month)

Notation book:


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