5-Zill Acapella Finger Cymbal Performance

I love love love the zills!

I have big zills and small zills, high-pitched zills and low-pitched zills, and silver, brass and bronze zills.

I like to play them in my house. I’d like to play them with a mouse.

I’ll play my zills both here and there. I’ll play these beauties everywhere!


While I may be on the more extreme end of dancers with zill collections (at last count I was somewhere around 16 pairs) I am definitely of the opinion that more zills is better. ​

So what’s a dancer to do if you don’t have the budget to expand your collection? ​

Why, enter to win a bunch of course!


The Belly Dance Bundle is giving away SIX SETS OF ZILLS to celebrate the launch of The Bellydance Bundle on October 21st! 🤩 ​ ​

Enter the contest and you could be the lucky winner who takes home 3 sets of Turquoise Internationals most popular zills and a second copy to give a friend. And did I mention that both the lucky winner and their friend will also get access to an entire package of online zill classes with yours truly as well? So excited! ​

This year’s giveaway package is valued at over $300 USD and it will ship it anywhere in the world.


(Giveaway opens on September 24th and ends on October 2nd)


So while I am definitely no poet, I do love me some zills and am excited to share with you the Zoom recording of this performance that I did for the “Save Our Studio” fundraiser for Austin Belly Dance back in April 2020.


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