Sahira  is a lifelong performer and has studied music, drama and dance since the age of two. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to the art of belly dance and her favorite thing in the world is to share the dance with others. She has trained in both Egyptian and Tribal style belly dance as well as Modern and West African and loves to incorporate all of these influences in her art. Sahira is a lifelong musician and head over heels crazy about the zills. She is known for her warm and inviting energy and her tendency towards the ridiculous.


In 2005, Sahira released her first instructional DVD, “Arabian Spices” and has since then been invited to teach and perform across the USA as well as Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Taiwan. In 2006 she had the honor of being the first tribal instructor ever invited to teach at the largest belly dance festival in the world: Ahlan We Sahlan, in Cairo, Egypt. In 2007 Sahira released two more instructional DVDs: “Ali” and “Bella Donna Ya Helwa.” In 2011 she teamed up with Silvia Salamanca to release the DVD “Spanish Gypsy Passion”  and “Folkloric Combinations” was released in the Summer of 2013.


Sahira can now be found sharing her love of the dance not only in classes in Houston and workshops around the world, but online as well! Her online classroom at has allowed Sahira to collect her 20 years of experience in technique, choreography, zills and more into a convenient library of educational videos. The online studio has quickly become a gathering place for dancers around the globe to learn and share this amazing art form.


When in Houston, Sahira directs and performs with  Bella Donna, voted Houston ’s Best Belly Dancers by the Houston Press. She is founder and director of Houston’s premiere Tribal Style troupe, Urban Hips.


Sahira says:

“I love belly dancing! Seriously… I did not ever set out to be a professional belly dancer, but since dedicating the last 20 years of my life to it, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I was an engineer by training before starting my first belly dance class – which just goes to show that anyone can learn this beautiful dance!


What I love best about teaching – and I’ve had the opportunity to work with students all over the world – is watching a student grow into their dance – from that first “ah-ha” moment, to seeing them dance with a confidence that they never thought they had. This dance is so wonderfully empowering and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. I’ve gained balance, confidence, poise, and come to appreciate my body and who I am… and you can too!


People have described my classes as “clear and easy to follow”, “approachable”, “a fabulous workout”. My science background comes out in my attention to detail and the way I break the movements down into their smallest component parts.


I look forward to helping others all over the world to learn and love this dance that means so much to me.


See you on the dance floor!”



Amanda; Clearwater, FL

I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for years- and loved the prenatal videos when I was pregnant with my now almost 3 year old. I continued those after he was born and he would fall asleep in my arms, and still loves dancing with me everyday. 🙂

Tambrey; Houston, TX

Sahira is an amazing teacher and one of the most talented, exciting bellydancers ever! She makes learning this beautiful dance form fun and informative all the while getting a great workout. You leave class feeling confident and more comfortable in your own body. She's also the nicest, most genuine person you will ever meet. Highly recommend her as both a teacher and performer. You will not regret even a second spent in her presence.

Amy; Phoenix, AZ

I LOVE Sahira's classes! I've taken classes with her both online and in person. The classes are fun and no matter what your skill level, Sahira makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the room. Her skills are second to none and on top of that, she has a great sense of humor and a ton of patience. What more could you want? I can honestly say I wouldn't take belly dance lessons from anyone else!

Amanda; Houston, TX

The best way to start your belly dance career is in Sahira's class! It's a technique driven class that's fun and all happens in a safe and loving dance environment. I've taken classes with Sahira for years and not only has it toned my body muscles but also my brain 'muscle'! She's a fun, supportive, and knowledgeable instructor! I love her and will continue taking her class! EVERYONE (male and female) should take her belly dance class.

Noha; Houston, TX

Sahira is not only a graceful dancer, she is an amazing teacher. She knows how to break down the steps into simple moves which makes learning an enjoyable experience. Sahira also adds cultural explanation to certain steps and songs, and that makes the dance very interesting. She genuinely cares about her students, and everytime I go to her class I feel transformed into a world of joy and trust.

Jala; Houston, TX

I have taken bellydance classes from several instructors over the years, but never stuck with any of them as they seemed uninspired, disorganized, or otherwise did not teach in a clear and concise manner. I have learned under Sahira for 2 years and counting now, however, in both her level 1 and level 2 classes. She is energetic, interested, well-organized and ready to help with any questions or concerns and really brings the class together as a community. She's very accessible, open, interested and always introducing new challenges and techniques. I highly recommend her as a teacher!

Jiji; Houston, TX

What I most appreciate about Sahira as a teacher is that she creates an atmosphere wherein everyone feels heard and appreciated for simply showing up! You will also be given an opportunity to ask questions to figure out what you are doing and she will step-by-step elucidate and demonstrate it in a way that makes it click. Take a won’t be disappointed. If something is not clear, she welcomes will feel more feminine and empowered at the same time!