Welcome to Episode 2 in my Zill Heroes Series!

Please meet Z-Helene of Austin, Texas.

I’ve been a huge fan of Z-Helene for over a decade and have had the pleasure of studying with her on several occasions. She’s been an inspiration and a mentor and has helped me take my zill playing to a new level every time.

In this conversation you’ll learn about how she got started with belly dance and zills back in the first heyday of the dance here in the States, how she was forced to play using her non-dominant hand (and survived!) and how she developed the style that is truly and uniquely hers.

We also explore how zilling can lead to freedom of expression and become a meditation for us in trying times.

And if you just want to get to the action, about 37 minutes into the video you can see what this woman is truly capable of. (It’s seriously one of my most favorite zill performances of all time!)

To learn more about Z-Helene and study with her please visit:

Facebook: @Z-Helene and/or @HeleneChristopher

Instagram: @zhelenechristopher

YouTube Channel: @ZHeleneChristopher

Website: www.zhelene.com (purchase dvds and music)

Email: zhelene@grandecom.net (personal contact)

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