Shimmies are a quintessential part of a belly dancer’s movement vocabulary.

There are dozens of beautiful shimmies to learn, and each can be used in different ways within the dance. And above and beyond learning “all” the shimmies, there is an entire world of textures and variations to be explored once the basics have been mastered.

I was putting my triplet shimmy under the microscope when I started to peel away layers and soon came across this amazing realization.

If I really get specific about how I create this shimmy I have EIGHT different variations (and counting) I can use to really be able to express the music exactly as I want to when I dance.

Eight different triplet shimmies? Have I gone mad?!?!


I’m going to let you be the judge. Try this exercise for yourself and let me know what you find!


So what do you think? Have I totally lost it? Or were you also able to create a few distinct triplet shimmies, all with a similar pulse but with a slightly different look and feel?

Which variation is your favorite?


Can’t get enough shimmies? Ready for more?

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***** A huge thank you to the amazing David Macejka for the use of his music. 

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